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How Can Colocation Improve My Business Infrastructure

How Can Colocation Improve My Business Infrastructure?

Hello, and welcome to one of our first blog posts here at PureVoltage, where we intend to provide helpful information about our services and how to’s to improve your infrastructure at any level.

Today we will be focusing on Colocation, and how it can improve your businesses’ infrastructure and decrease costs in the future.

What is Colocation Specifically?

Colocation is a service provided by data centers who obtain their own hosting environments for a wide variety of reasons that they couldn’t do themselves within budget.

Essentially, businesses rent enterprise-grade hardware and space within a datacenter along with bandwidth, power, security, cooling, and the physical space required for such a setup. In most cases, colocation space is rented out by U, rack, cage or entire rooms.

How is it different from Managed Hosting?

Managed hosting, which is another service we offer, most colocation customers own and manage their own hardware and network. Often times, customers are responsible for everything from updates to software installations, maintenance and more depending on the need or situation.

With managed hosting services, customers are provided a small section of hardware (usually a virtual machine or VPS) that is managed and maintained by the provider.

This often lumps your company in with thousands of other companies networks and websites, which could keep you from the speeds you need and the flexibility your business needs to grow.

So what are the benefits to Colocation?

First off, it’s important for any business to be sure Colocation is right for them. This means understanding costs, requirements, and more.

However, for the most part, here are the main reasons why Colocation could benefit your business in the long run:


When it comes to business growth, it’s important to know what your limitations are. With colocation services, most facilities provide abundant rack space and bandwidth, coupled with scaled pricing in most locations, can provide you secure scalability at the fraction of the cost you’d expect.


Speaking of cost, many companies simply cannot afford to host their own servers on premises. With issues stretching from security to performance, not to mention updates and hardware, makes running your own server costly. Remote hands services provide expert hands in your colocation space, without you having to be there.


Almost all data centers are rigorously scrubbed for all security exploits, and have many measures in place to ensure the utmost security. From CCTV surveillance, locked cabinets and cages, to weight scanning entrances, biometric scanners and motion sensors, your data is always more secure in a data center.


Having an uninterrupted network connection and power for your server to ensure business continuity. Most colocation facilities offer customers a level of reliability not usually found with in-house setups. With multiple power connection sources and network cabling, you should expect a 99.9% uptime guarantee with your provider, in addition to backup generators and other features to ensure your data is up and secure regardless of the scenario.

Whether you’re looking to move your IT infrastructure to a new location, or taking away from your in-house setup, it’s important to do your research, and find the best provider possible for your business.

Additional things to consider would be geographical location, costs, features and additional scaling pricing as you grow. It’s also important to discover whether or not the company is using their own hardware, or renting you rented hardware.

Taking your IT needs to the next level may seem like a daunting task, however with our experience and quality of service, we can help make that transition a breeze. If you have any questions about our colocation services, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re always here to help.

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